Please secure your hospice’s future.

Please don’t let COVID-19 stop us. Donate if you can.

Caring for our community’s terminally ill and dying patients, and their families, is demanding work, even in the best of times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing more than ever before. We’re supporting local people and helping ease the pressure on the NHS. Our Nurses and Counsellors are doing all they can – physically and emotionally – to be there for the people who need their help. They need you to support them, so they can keep on doing it.   We’re helping the NHS by increasing our nursing visits. We’re taking therapeutic care packages to shielded people at the end of their lives. We’re providing emotional support to affected staff in Derbyshire’s care homes and clinical teams at Derby hospital. We’re also providing online and face to face support for bereaved adults and children who have lost a loved one over the last few months.  Our income will be seriously affected for a long time to come. You can help us to be there always,  at the most emotional and difficult time of someone’s life. With your help, we won’t let COVID-19 stop us. Don’t let the pandemic stop our local care. We’re grateful for any donations, big or small. Thank you.

Your donation will help us provide:

Hospice at Home Nurses

Don’t let COVID-19 stop your Hospice at Home Nurses. Please donate so they can assist dying people in Derbyshire every night of the year.  

We have to raise £108 for each nurse visit.

Please support your local Treetops Nurses.

Nurse with face covering

Roaming Nursing Service

The NHS has been stretched by COVID-19, so every night our Roaming Nurses are helping. They drive around Derbyshire to make the precious final hours of patients comfortable and peaceful. We receive no NHS funding for this.

We have to raise £67 for each emergency call.

Please support your Hospice Nurses.

Bereavement Counselling

When you suffer the loss of a loved one, it’s so hard. Treetops is a shoulder to lean on for hundreds of local people. Please donate so our Bereavement Counsellors can be there when someone’s world has ended.

We have to raise £34 for each counselling session.

Please support your local Bereavement Counsellors.

Sad little boy sitting on floor beside window

Help for Bereaved Children

Children handle bereavement very differently to adults. Because of COVID-19, saying ‘goodbye’ just isn’t the same. We’re working hard to support local children with counselling using special therapy packages. .

We have to raise £28 for each child's therapy pack.

Help us support bereaved children in Derbyshire.

This poem is by Jenny, one of our amazing nurses.

At Treetops, we all care so much for local people.

We think this says it all.

One Night

I set off to my patient I've never met before.  I hope that I can help, her comfort to restore. The family want to tell me all about their Mum. I listen to and laugh a lot about the things that they have done. Mum was so very special, they have memories galore.  I promise I will take good care of the loved one they adore. I go and see my patient to see if she's awake. She'd like a sip of water so I help her to partake. Thank you dear I hear her say with very shallow breath.  You're very welcome I reply, she is so close to death. I tweak her pillows gently and check she's warm and dry.  I want to make her comfortable and peaceful, for to die. Her eyes are closed, I sit close by.  I hold her hand and want to cry. She is at peace and the night goes on.  The family sleeps whilst I watch their Mum. It is the early dawn that draws their Mum away.  I call her family to her and they sit down and pray. They cry their tears and kiss her cheeks.  They’ve watched her weaken over the weeks. I close her eyes and say goodbye.  This was the time for her to die. The family thank me for all I've done.  It was truly an honour to be with your Mum. As I go home I know it's right that I did my best for their Mum last night.