Part 2 of our ‪‎Volunteers' Week‬ special is dedicated to our volunteer drivers.

To ensure our guests are able to attend our Day Care Unit, we provide transport either through volunteers who use their own cars to make journeys to and from guests’ houses, or by minibus which is driven by both volunteers and members of staff.

We ask our volunteer drivers to be flexible and able to respond to changes quickly as our guests’ needs can change on a day to day basis. The volunteer drivers really enjoy the personal contact that they get with guests and have a great sense of humour to share with the guests.

It’s not just Day Care; our drivers also transport other service users to appointments that we provide such as our Palliative Care Clinic, complementary and art therapies, and our bereavement service.

Without our volunteer drivers we wouldn’t be able to get nearly as many guests to the hospice to benefit from the services that we provide. They really do have an integral part to play. Thank you!

Would you like to join Team Treetops? Call Imogen on 0115 949 1264 or email volunteering@treetopshospice.org.uk