Payroll giving

This is an easy and tax-free way of giving through your pay. By signing up to pay roll giving, you will be securing a regular donation to Treetops Hospice Care which will help us to plan ahead for our future.

Donate don’t dump

Host a ‘donate don’t dump’ event and give the goods to sell in our shops. We can even arrange a collection from your workplace where possible.

Match funding

Match a staff member’s fundraising efforts. It’s a simple yet motivational way of rewarding their efforts.


Recycle your old ink printer cartridges and raise money for Treetops! Get in touch with our fundraising team and ask us how you can sign up for this today.

Collection tin in your work place

Could your business have a collection tin for staff and customers to put their loose change into? You’ll be surprised at how quickly the pennies add up and will help to support your local hospice. We will bring you a collection tin, and will also come and change it once it’s full. We will also send you a certificate to display so you can let everyone know how much they have raised!

Corporate donations and gifts in kind

Corporate giving is easy to set up and in the majority of cases, gifts are subject to tax relief through approved schemes.

As well as giving money, your company could give shares, donate investments that will earn dividends for us in the future, or securities such as bonds where we would gain from the profits.


More and more companies are seeing the benefit of encouraging employees to volunteer as part of their corporate social responsibility.