The Noughties Glow Party

Let's glow!


Sat, 10 February 2018


8pm - 1am


  • The Seven Oaks Inn Bar & Restaurant
  • , Lows Lane
  • , Stanton By Dale
  • , DE7 4QU


£8 in advance. £12 on the night.

The Noughties Glow PartyLocal fundraisers Anja and Jay are organising a glow party to raise money for Treetops Hospice Care.

Take a step back into the Noughties to listen to the songs we all love whilst enjoying an up and coming party theme. Using UV lights we will make anything that is white, neon or fluorescent such as clothing or objects in the room glow brightly, creating a stunning atmosphere.

We are asking you all to wear clothing and accessories that have lots of white or any type of fluorescent colouring – anything that will glow. You could also use some UV body paint to make your arms, legs and faces glow too.

It should be a truly radiant night with lots of bright colours!

Tickets are £8 in advance and can be brought from Anja Barnes on 07808 820 284, Jay Harper on 07493 041 030, or behind the bar at The Seven Oaks pub. Alternatively you can get tickets online using the link. Tickets on the night will be £12.

Please share this event and let people know about it!

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