Rose & Debbie Sewell complete Zip Wire Challenge

Sixty-seven year old Treetops volunteer, Rose Sewell, overcame her fear of heights to zip-wire 190 metres across Trent Bridge cricket ground on Saturday 10 June.

Rose, from Long Eaton, travelled at speeds of up to 40mph along the zip wire which started above the William Clarke Stand and ended at the Fox Road End of the ground. The event was organised by the Trent Bridge Community Trust.

Rose has been a volunteer in the Day Care Unit at Treetops Hospice Care for almost two years. The hospice, based in Risley provides nursing care and emotional support for adults with life-limiting conditions across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Rose completes the Zip Wire ChallengeI took a deep breath and went for it

Despite a fear of heights, Rose explained why she wanted to do the daredevil challenge:

“My daughter Debbie is raising sponsor money for her own challenge– she’s going to walk along the Great Wall of China for Treetops in October – so I wanted to help her and I like the adrenaline rush.

“They took us up in a basket on a crane to get the start – it was a cold morning with a bit of rain and windy so the basket was swinging around which was a bit scary to start with.

“When the doors opened, all you could see were the tiny seats around the pitch below and I felt quite sick. I took a deep breath and went for it.

“It was brilliant and I wanted to do it again straight away afterwards – there’s another one in Wales that I’m going to sign up for too!”

I get so much satisfaction even if I only make one person happy

Rose showed off her Zip Wire t-shirt to Day Care guests when she went in to help on her regular volunteering day:

“I’ve always been used to caring for people and tending to them. I get so much satisfaction at the end of the day even if I only make one person happy by helping here. The guests are lovely and I love coming.”

China Challenge

Rose’s daughter Debbie, from Hucknall, is undertaking a 50km hike along the mountainous Great Wall of China in October. She’s counting down the days – and the pounds – until she leaves:

“I’m following a training programme and I’m literally walking everywhere – I’ve lost over 4 stone since I started training!

“On the first day there, the plan is to walk about five miles along the Wall but it will take us over six hours as it’s so steep and some of the wall is crumbling away. The bonus will be the scenery which I’ve been told is stunning.

“We’ll be walking up and down thousands of stairs, so my walking poles will really help. They were my bargain buy for £2 from the Treetops’ charity shop in Heanor!

Treetops is appealing to others to sign up to their range of sponsored challenges and events coming up including coast to coast cycle rides and trekking in the alps. Further information can be found online.

Treetops Hospice Care services include Support and Information, a Day Care unit, Hospice at Home nurses and Therapeutic Services including counselling and complementary therapy.