Our £2,000 winner in the Super Draw this Spring was Mark from Nottingham. He was very surprised by the news as he and his wife have been supporting Treetops for years with no expectation of actually winning anything. They are just happy to contribute to a worthwhile cause. Mark’s wife is a local GP and is very aware of the real difference Treetops makes to local families and patients affected by terminal illnesses.

Mark says “It was a particularly nice surprise at the moment as, like the rest of the country, we were getting fed up with being stuck indoors together!”

He says that their teenage children are particularly keen on benefiting from the win so some of the money will go towards a family holiday … when they can all leave the house again! They also plan to donate some back to Treetops and other charities, particularly those supporting families in difficulty due to the Coronavirus situation.

Congratulations to you and your family Mark, enjoy planning your holiday for the future.