Philip’s Story

It was a drizzly Monday and I was on my way to a primary school to teach 32 Reception and Year One children PE, which is often similar to herding cats! My day brightened up considerably when I received the call from Treetops Lottery.
Once it had sunk in, I encountered conflicting emotions. Winning a large sum of money is always going to be a happy feeling. Following those emotions were feelings of sadness strangely. This was compounded by an invitation to the hospice. Quite simply, emotions that I suspect everyone who has lost someone to cancer lives with everyday, and has become part of them, resurfaced and I found myself remembering a time of deep sadness. Treetops were very understanding when I explained this which helped.

A token amount a month seems a very small effort in helping other people going through what my brother & family went through but hopefully it helps in some way to advertise the charity, to make people aware that they are not alone in their sadness and in recognition of the extraordinary work Treetops do too.

What to spend it on?

We are having work done on the house at the moment. Shall I spend it on that? Could do with a new tyre I suspect? Credit card bill? No!! I have an old car I’ve had for many years so I’m going to buy a new “bit” for my MG. Maybe a meal with my wife on our visit to the Lakes?
We all try to do our bit but there are so many worthy causes and only so much time and money of course to spare so why such an easy decision? I lost my brother some time ago to cancer. We were very close and of course it was a massive shock to us all and affected me on many levels.

Philip was one of the Treetops Lottery lucky weekly winners in October 2019.