Super Draw Winners' Stories

Delighted winners of the Treetops Super Draw

tell their stories!

The Super Draw 2020 winners were announced on Friday 27 March and the £2,000 winner was Mark from Nottingham. He was very surprised by the news as he and his wife have been supporting Treetops for years with no expectation of actually winning anything. They are just happy to contribute to a worthwhile cause. Mark’s wife is a local GP and is very aware of the real difference Treetops makes to local families and patients affected by terminal illnesses.

Mark says, “It was a particularly nice surprise at the moment as, like the rest of the country, we were getting fed up with being stuck indoors together!”

He says that their teenage children are particularly keen on benefiting from the win so some of the money will go towards a family holiday… when they can all leave the house again! They also plan to donate some back to Treetops and other charities, particularly those supporting families in difficulty due to the Coronavirus situation.

Diane from Ilkeston was delighted when she had a phone call to say she had won the 2nd prize in the Super draw. She said, “This sort of thing doesn't happen to me and I was almost a little rude when they told me because I thought there would be a catch! As it sank in, I couldn't believe it as I had just been looking at my finances due to the situation we are all in. It really couldn't have come at a better time. A very big thank you.” 

Diane has been supporting Treetops for a few years now and will continue to do so.

Our £300 winner from West Hallam was so excited when she got our phone call, it put a smile on her face for the rest of the day. It’s her birthday today too, so it’s an extra special present especially at these very strange times. With all the bad news at the moment it was great to get some good news to share.

We asked her why she plays Treetops Lottery “I started playing a few years ago. When my Uncle was ill with cancer he had a lot of support from Treetops so I knew it was a worthy charity.  A couple of years ago my Sister found out that her cancer had returned and Treetops were a massive help to her and the family.  Sadly my sister passed away in November but Treetops have still been there to offer help to us.  We’re so grateful to Treetops for the help we’ve been given.”

I’m not sure what I’ll buy with the money yet. Perhaps I’ll save it until we’re all allowed out again and have a proper celebration!

Brenda was our £100 winner and was absolutely delighted to win the 4th place in the Super Draw. She says she has always held Treetops in the highest esteem as she feels the valued services we offer are first class; without which some families would not be able to cope.

She also adds, “I know the current climate with Covid 19 is causing many issues, not least where people are losing their lives but it is also having a devastating effect on the income for organisations working face to face supporting others. Now is the time to make donations to Treetops as I know such a little will go a long way in their services. Thank You”

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you so much to everyone who played this year, with all the support of our players the Super Draw raised over £13,000 for Treetops Hospice!