Treetops sits in 12 acres of conservation land just eight miles from the cities of Derby and Nottingham.

In our grounds we are lucky enough to have an array of woodland trees that create a home for wildlife and a sense of being sheltered by nature itself. Perhaps the most striking feature is an ancient Lime tree; its towering stature and heart-shaped leaves forming a magnificent canopy against the changing skies.

In mythology the Lime, or Linden, tree often appears as a symbol of love and justice which resonates deeply with our aims and ambitions for the new bedded hospice.

In fact, half of the bedrooms will have a beautiful view of our iconic tree, gently reminding all those who come here of the role of compassion and the importance of choice in end of life care. It is for these reasons we named our campaign after the Lime tree.

Our Target

The bedded hospice will require a substantial total investment to become a reality. The £5million will be raised in two stages:

  • Stage 1: £3.6million for the capital costs (construction and equipment)
  • Stage 2: £1.4million for additional staff and the first two years’ revenue costs

The Lime Tree Campaign is the most ambitious capital project that Treetops has ever undertaken, but the benefits speak for themselves.   The quest for better choices in end of life care, is a collective endeavour. We can only achieve the right outcomes if we face these challenges together and make meaningful decisions about how we respond to dying, death and bereavement.

For many years, our local community has benefited from the wonderful end of life care that Treetops provides.

“Now, there’s an opportunity to bring this gold standard into a residential setting, where patient choice, clinical excellence and personal treatment are the top priorities.

“I urge you to support this campaign to fund a ground-breaking In-Patient Unit, where dying is understood and living is celebrated.” 

William Tucker, HM Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire