Art Therapy is a confidential service where art materials are used to express thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Art Therapy is a confidential, supportive service where art materials are used in the presence of a trained Art Therapist to express thoughts, feelings and experiences. The service is available to people who are registered with a GP practice in Derby city or the southern Derbyshire area, or have used Treetops Hospice Care services.

The role of the Art Therapist is to provide a safe and facilitating environment where people can feel free enough to use the art materials in this way. The Art Therapist then helps people to reflect upon what they have made and how it links to their life. Artwork is considered a personal expression which may allow a person to communicate issues that perhaps feel confusing, contradictory or hard to articulate.

It is not an art class and is equally helpful for those with skills in art making and those who do not consider themselves to be creative at all.

Art Therapy can help the person understand and begin to address many issues, including:

  • Difficulties in response to diagnosis/prognosis (such as shock, anger, fear, disbelief or despair)
  • Difficulties in coping (such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks)
  • Complications of grief (such as a prolonged sense of being stuck, lost, isolated, anxious, depressed, angry or despairing)
  • Spiritual concerns (such as dealing with ‘not knowing’, finding meaning, coming to terms with one’s faith or putting one’s affairs in order)
  • Feelings of isolation and the need for communication when words are not enough
  • Feelings of loss and change in lifestyle, health, body image, work and relationships
  • Sharing ‘unacceptable’ feelings without fear of hurting others
  • Recalling memories, important life events and considering the future with support

The Art Therapists hold a postgraduate qualification in Art Therapy, accredited by the British Association of Art Therapists and is registered with the Health Professions Council.

More information on art therapy can be found at www.baat.org and for art therapy in palliative care, at www.creativeresponse.org.uk

How it works

All services are provided free of charge, and are not means-tested.

We offer art therapy to adults, children and young people who are dealing with a life-limiting illness or bereavement.

The service is available to all users of Treetops Hospice Care services and people registered with a GP practice in Derby city or Southern Derbyshire.

Please phone on 0115 949 6944 during our opening hours (8.30am-4pm Monday-Thursday, 8.30am-3.30pm Friday).

Art Therapy Information Leaflet

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