Thank you for deciding to support Treetops Hospice Care by either fundraising for the charity or raising awareness of our services.

Treetops is recognised as offering professional, high-quality, caring palliative services and as our supporters you can help us to maintain this reputation. Our brand is a powerful way for us to reach more people who need us and inspire others to support us in the future.

These guidelines are designed to help you promote your initiative and also help us to strengthen our brand in the wider community.

Introducing Treetops Hospice Care

When referencing the hospice name, please either refer to us in full as Treetops Hospice Care (and don’t forget the Care!) or simply as Treetops.

Describing Treetops

If you want to describe what we do, here’s an easy way to explain to others about our work:

Treetops Hospice Care provides nursing care and emotional support for anyone affected by a life-limiting illness in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, from diagnosis onwards.

Our logo and how to use it

You can use our logo in either landscape or portrait format as below but please don’t squash, stretch or rotate the logo, change the colours or fonts.



Download logo here Download logo here

We also have all-black versions of the logo – for use on black and white documents only



Download logo here Download logo here

If you’re using our logo on a coloured background or image, please DON’T overlay it (see examples below) as it makes it hard to read, especially for those with visual impairments. Please use the logo with a solid white background.

Our corporate colours

We have two corporate colours: dark green and lime green. Here are the colour codes if you need them for something you might be producing with a professional agency:

Dark Green:

Lime Green


C: 100 M:35 Y: 100 K: 50

R: 0 G: 83 B: 0

Hex: 003300


C: 50 M: 0 Y:100 K: 0

R: 139 G: 189 B: 58

Hex: 99CC00

Registered Charity Number – 519540

If you are fundraising for us, you should include our charity number on all your promotional materials (this is a legal requirement).

Our contact details

Our full contact details are:

Treetops Hospice Care, Derby Road, Risley, Derby DE72 3SS


0115 949 1264

Photos & Images

A strong picture is worth a thousand words and can add real impact to any promotion but do remember to ask permission if you’re using someone’s photo or check you can use an image you may have found on the internet. If you’re taking photos at an event, make sure you put up posters to let attendees know.

Let us know what you’re doing!

We love to know what our supporters are doing and are very happy to promote third party events on our website. Please contact the Fundraising Team with details and information – fundraising@treetopshospice.org.uk