Meet the team


We are currently undertaking a door to door campaign with the aim of recruiting more members to our weekly lottery.

Please be assured that the canvassers are fully trained and have full photographic ID on them at all times. If you get a visit from a member of our canvassing team, please consider joining our weekly lottery for just £1 a week, and help us to continue to care for local people. If you have been approached by a canvasser at your door and would like to know if they are legitimate, please refer to their names and pictures below.

Our canvassing team:

The team pictured below are currently door to door canvassing in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area.

Sharleen Lindley

Sharleen Lindley SL6919

Adrian Cunningham

Adrian Cunningham AC6841

Debra Walker

Debra Walker DW5225

Jayeschandra Jani JJ5473

Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts BR5308

Neil Taylor NT5312

Deborah Lowe

Deborah Lowe DL5386

Andrew Ikunnah

Andrew Ikunnah AI5580

Richard Stanley

Richard Stanley RS5591

Eileen Bagguley

Eileen Bagguley EB5610