Treetops charity shop in Ashbourne is appealing for volunteers to join their retail team and help them continue to raise the vital funds needed to provide their hospice services.

Money raised through the charity shop supports Treetops Hospice Care which provides nursing care and emotional support for adults, their families and carers across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire free of charge.

The night service is superb and it makes such a difference

Ashbourne-resident, June Holden, received support from the Treetops Hospice at Home service for her husband Jeff. She explained more:

“As a carer, looking after somebody’s who’s very ill, it’s extremely difficult at home – very wearing, extremely stressful and really tiring. In my husband’s case, I’d been in the caring role for over three years.

“I reached a point where I really couldn’t manage anymore and really, really struggled. The district nurses recognised this and called in the community team – and Treetops.

“Jeff had always wanted to die at home – it was his extreme wish – and with Treetops help, we managed to achieve this. The nurses would come in and stay in my home overnight and would look after him, do his medication, care for him and also talk to, and reassure me. They would stay awake all night and keep a watchful eye on Jeff and be on hand when he became distressed or needed help to move and get comfortable.

“They would come in at ten o’clock at night and would leave in the morning. It meant that during the night I’d get a decent night’s sleep and I felt able to cope more with the next day. We had excellent care and they supported me all the way through until Jeff actually died – and his wishes were met. I could not have done that without Treetops. The night service is superb and it makes such a difference.”

Give volunteering a go

Lisa Bacon, Ashbourne shop manager explained that volunteer support is vital to the shop:

“We couldn’t run the shop without volunteer help as we’re very busy and there’s always a job to do. We just need a few extra hands!

“We’re a friendly, happy team and there’s a lovely atmosphere in the shop so we’d encourage anyone to give volunteering a go.”

A good way of getting out and doing good

Natasha Geer, 24, volunteers twice a week at the shop based in the Shawcroft centre on Dig Street:

“I finished a job and start university in September so I wanted something to do over the summer while I have a bit of time. I wanted to have a bit more purpose to my week and be doing something useful with my time. Volunteering here seemed like a good way of getting out and doing good as well.

“It’s helping me learn new skills – I’ve never done anything in retail before. There’s the social side too – seeing lots of people, talking to customers. I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would – you get more back than you think!”

Those interested in volunteering for Treetops should contact the Volunteer Services team on 0115 949 1264 – volunteering@treetopshospice.org.uk – or pop into the shop for more information. No experience is necessary as 1-2-1 training is given.

Treetops services include Support and Information, Wellbeing Space, Hospice at Home nurses and Therapeutic Services including counselling, art therapy and complementary therapy.