People smiling with winter car kits

Ilkeston-based funeral directors, Bespoke Funeral Care, have donated fifty winter car care kits to help our hospice nursing team stay on the roads this winter.

The kits – including de-icer, a window scraper, anti-freeze and torch – have been passed to our Hospice at Home registered nurses and Health Care Assistants.

The hospice nurses are an inspiration

Bespoke Funeral Care Managing Director, William Barron, explained why the donation was so important to the family firm:
“Treetops Hospice is such a well-known and universally trusted care provider based across the East Midlands. It’s a charity whose name and presence are hard to miss in the local area.
“We often hear of the compassion and hard work that Treetops nurses have shown as care givers in the local community.

We wanted in some small way to acknowledge their dedication to provide the highest level of care to local families. It is their dedication that inspires us in our own work.  The nurses are simply an inspiration to us all.

“We hope that the nurses find the car care kits useful on cold autumn and winter mornings, when they arrive at their cars and find their windscreens frozen over.”
Sandra Burgin, Treetops Hospice at Home Health Care Assistant, explained how the kits will help the nursing team:
“The kits are so helpful. In the winter, if we’re with a patient for a couple of hours, by the time we return to our car, it’s covered in frost. Now we can get going more quickly and onto the next patient, rather than wasting time waiting for the car to defrost.”
People smiling with winter car care kits at Treetops

Business support for local charities

Bespoke Funeral Care wants to continue working closely with us in the future. William continued: “In a climate of austerity and an ever-increasing strain on public services, it is often falling to charities to provide much-needed and vital services.

We see it as professional courtesy for all local businesses to increase their support for local charities and ensure the right help and support reaches the people who need it most.