Treecycling 2021
We’ve had to postpone our Treecycling scheme until next year, but you can still do your bit. Hello Treecyclers, After this rollercoaster year of ups, downs and spinning around we’re wishing you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time. We’ll be thinking about you and your families and we’re wishing you all the very best for the new year. We’ve had our own ups and downs too. Sadly, the lovely Treetops elf who runs the Treecycling project has recently waved us a fond farewell. We tried our best, but we haven’t been able to replace them in time to get everything ready, so we can’t run Treecycling this year. We’ll be back next year to recycle those trees for you, so don’t forget us. You can still do your bit for the environment. If your tree has roots, please plant it. Most local recycling centres also take Christmas trees for chipping or composting. Find your local recycling centre here Erewash council has a special collection at West Park in Long Eaton. It’s probably best to check to make sure they’re taking trees before you stuff yours into your boot and head off. We’re really sorry we can’t help you this year, we’ll miss seeing you and, naturally, we’ll really miss your Christmas donations. If you are still feeling festively generous and want to support Treetops, you can still make a donation below. Donate Until this time next year, dear Treecyclers.