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22 November 2023. Version 1.3

  1. We are only able to collect real trees and not artificial trees. 

  2. All decorations, bases and pots must be removed from the tree before collection. We will not do this for you. 

  3. Any tree over 8ft in length must be cut into several small pieces before collection. We will not do this for you.

  4. Trees must be put out for collection in a place that can be seen from the roadside. We cannot be held responsible for trees that are not visible or accessible. 

  5. We will not enter your home under any circumstances. 

  6. We will not collect trees from any site or property that is deemed unsafe e.g., if there are animals loose on the property. 

  7. We will only take the number of trees registered and paid for from each address. 

  8. All tree collections will be arranged between Friday 5 January and Wednesday 10 January 2024. We cannot guarantee which day your collection will be on.  

  9. If your tree has not been collected by 6pm on Wednesday 10 January, you should notify us by 6pm on Thursday 11 January. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to collect your tree if you do not let us know by this deadline and your donation will not be refunded. 

  10. In the event of adverse weather conditions that would jeopardise the safety of our volunteers, collections will be rearranged from the dates advertised. 

  11. Any reference relating to how a donation will make a difference (on the website, in any promotional materials or messages) are indicative only.  

  12. Your donation is given without designation or restriction. This enables Treetops to use your gift where need is most. 

  13. If you use an address outside of the postcode areas specified on the website form and register your tree,  your payment will not be refunded and will be treated as a donation to Treetops Hospice Trust. 

  14. Treetops Hospice will pass your details (name, address and telephone number) on the day your tree is being collected to a volunteer team (third party). Treetops will manage your data securely.
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