Smiling volunteers from TSB in Treetops t-shirts

We were delighted to welcome volunteers from TSB's regional team to the hospice for the first corporate volunteering activity to take place here since the pandemic.

The volunteers from the bank’s regional team weeded and jet-washed our patio area. This is where patients, visitors, staff and volunteers sit and enjoy our grounds.

Committed to supporting Treetops

Craig Foster, Area Mortgage Manager for TSB in the East Midlands, organised the event. He had a personal reason to volunteer at Treetops:

"Treetops helped me back in 2019 when my wife died of cancer.

The support given to me and my family by the team at Treetops was nothing short of amazing. It helped me move on with my life and helped me to support my children during a traumatic period for us.

“Every year, I am committed to supporting Treetops. Each year, TSB gives employees seven hours to volunteer at a local charity. So, you’ll find me here again next year, supporting the great work that the charity does."

Team bonding opportunity

Tom Payne, Mortgage Advisor for TSB’s South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire team, said:

“It was a great way of bonding as a team and good to know that we’ve made a difference. It’s really important for TSB to invest time and give employees an opportunity to volunteer. 

The benefits of volunteering are being able to get out in the community and do something different. You get an understanding of the good work that’s going on at Treetops and it’s a really positive thing to do.

Employee volunteering makes a difference

Trisha Harnan is a Mortgage Advisor for TSB:

“For me, the benefits of volunteering are two-fold. It’s good to do it as a team. In the jobs that we do, we’re often so busy that we don’t get the opportunity to build relationships and talk about things that aren’t work-related.

I’d encourage other businesses to get involved. It can really make a difference and there are so many benefits. You’re doing something important, and it matters so much.