Three men in Treetops t-shirts by G F Tomlinson sign

A team from G F Tomlinson are tackling the Derby 10k on 26 March to raise money to help provide end-of-life nursing care for local patients.

Team G F Tomlinson includes Craig Stopper, Framework Manager for Scape’s Regional Construction framework, Chris Macdonald, Bid Manager, and Mark Richardson, Consultant Quantity Surveyor.

Together they are hoping to raise £756 for us to help provide seven nights of overnight nursing care for a local patient.

Mum wanted to stay at home

Mark explained how our Hospice at Home nurses helped care for his mum at the very end of life, when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“My mum, Renee, was a very independent person. She was living on her own in a flat near Derby.

“Just before Christmas 2007, she started to have some stomach problems. She ended up not coming to the annual family get-together which really wasn’t like her. She went into hospital for tests, and they diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer. They didn’t give her very long to live.”

Renee wanted to stay at home, and Mark and his family quickly realised they needed support. The hospital suggested contacting our Hospice at Home nurses.

We needed someone to help us

“Mum went home and as a family, we took turns to help care for her during the day. But nights were a problem. We needed someone to come in and help us.

It was really reassuring for us, and to my mother, to have a Treetops nurse there at night looking after her during her last days. Somebody who appreciated what she was going through. I can remember one of the hospice nurses just holding her hand and giving her comfort.

Renee died just ten days after her diagnosis.

Mark is encouraging others to take part in the 10k run and raise money for us.

Support a worthwhile charity

“It’s nice to give something back to the charity for the care that they provided when we needed it.

"Even if you’re not into running, it’s a good way to support a very worthwhile charity. If mum were here today, she’d say ‘do your best’ in the run.”

Three men from G F Tomlinson in Treetops running t-shirts

Continuing our relationship with Treetops

Craig Stopper added:

“Treetops Hospice is a brilliant cause. G F Tomlinson has worked with the charity for the last couple of years through our Local Communities Partnership Programme so the Derby 10k is a good way for us to continue our relationship.

“From a personal point of view, this is a way of getting myself off the sofa and gaining some fitness. I completed a Couch to 5k a couple of years ago but I’ve done nothing since, so this gives me something to really aim for.

Doing the run with my work colleagues adds in some camaraderie and also helps us raise more money as a team. There’s a bit of competitiveness there and running for a charity helps with our work ethics.

The Derby 10k takes place on Sunday, 26 March and is suitable for all running abilities. The course begins and ends at Pride Park Stadium taking in the sights of the city centre.