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Our exercise programmes have helped patient Kate ‘feel good again’ after she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2018.

“I used to do a lot of exercise, but my secondary cancer diagnosis knocked me for six,” said Kate.

It forced me to stop doing what I loved doing but the ‘Move It To Strengthen It’ classes have been so good for me; it’s been a good morale boost and helps me both physically and mentally.

“Some of the exercises we do are things that, before my diagnosis, I would do in the gym. Having the class at a set time every week means that I have to get up and out of bed in the morning. It helps with my motivation and makes me feel so much better.”

Our weekly classes, for people with a life-limiting condition, cater for all abilities and mobility, as Nat Schofield, our exercise facilitator explains:

“We have lots of different exercises including chair-based adapted Tai Chi and chair-based exercise. We also offer standing exercises, standing adapted Tai Chi, and strength and balance sessions for those who are more mobile - we cater for all fitness abilities.

Nat Schofield smiling
Nat Schofield, Wellbeing Team

Exercise makes a massive difference to people’s physical and mental wellbeing and helps our patients to stay motivated. For anyone with life-limiting illnesses, the sessions help them to stay as independent as they can, for as long as possible. It also very empowering.

“Every tiny little bit of exercise – whether that’s patients who are just rotating their ankles or who are taking part in the gentler chair-based Tai Chi sessions – helps. It’s very important to keep the heart rate going and keep blood pressure down.