Smiling man next to tree in woodland

We have partnered up with a local entrepreneur to plant trees in woodland to help the environment and raise funds.

Plant trees in memory

Darrell Taylor, from Littleover, set up Co-Treetment 18 months ago as he became increasingly aware of the changing environment.

Co-Treetment offers you the chance to plant trees in memory of a loved one or, if you're a business, to offset your carbon emissions.

Each tree – a hardy Silver Birch - costs £20 and Co-Treetment will be kindly donating half of the proceeds to us. 

Individuals who purchase a tree can also opt for a commemorative plaque.

Make a positive impact

Darrell said: “I had become aware of just how much wastage there is in the world. How we all live and what we do affects the environment and I wanted to do something to try and combat that; I wanted to make a positive impact and enable others to do the same.

Man smiling showing off woodland

Treetops is a well-respected local charity and I have friends who have used their services. It seems fitting that we should have this new supporter-partnership with a charity whose logo is a tree.

Woodlands where memory trees are planted

Turning scrub-land into woodland by planting trees

“We pride ourselves on turning scrub-land into woodland by planting trees.

"We guarantee the carbon absorption of each tree for 20 years and the trees absorb water from flood plains, reduce carbon from the atmosphere and provide a wonderful habitat for wildlife too.

"We’ve had a lot of wildlife visiting our woodland recently, which we see from their tracks between our trees."