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Jill Bostock shares her experience of how we are helping support and care for her husband who has cancer and dementia.

"I care for my husband,  Brian, who has been diagnosed with cancer and dementia.
Brian was a very outgoing, sociable businessman but he now struggles to concentrate, or remember his life before dementia.
Time passes and life becomes very restricted and isolated for both of us. And it is very difficult and upsetting to witness his deterioration day by day.

Hard to let go and pass on the care to others

I aim to give Brian quality of life in a safe, happy and comfortable environment 24/7.
It's important to have a good routine, but I find it hard to let go and pass on the care to others, making life difficult and exhausting.

Wellbeing at Home care

Treetops offers me emotional care, support, and reassurance that others can care for Brian.
They recognise his mood, needs and privacy.
Couple smiling at each other lovingly

They are positive, offering encouragement and engagement in activities, conversation, and well-being.

We can not express enough our thanks and appreciation to Treetops for the help given.

'Me time' and peace of mind

I am able to have some 'me time' with peace of mind, stress-free, knowing Brian is in the hands of professional care.
Treetops help is so valuable to me. Whether planned, or spontaneous, a visit or a phone call lifts me up."

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