Artist painting Treetops Derby Ram Trail Ram

We're delighted to introduce local artist, Lynne Hollingsworth, who designed our beautiful Treetops Ram for this summer's Derby Ram Trail.

Local artist Lynne painting the Treetops Ram

Lynne Hollingsworth

The Derby Ram Trail is a free art sculpture trail of thirty larger-than-life Ram sculptures. All the Rams are designed and decorated by different artists.

You can follow the Trail around Derby city centre from 27 May to 22 August and visit our own Ram, designed by Duffield-based artist Lynne.

We’re working with Lynne as she has lots of experience designing memorials and remembrance artworks. Her beautiful design – ‘Memories Fade but Warmth Remains’ – symbolises love and remembrance.

Upbeat and uplifting

“I was delighted to have my design chosen by Treetops and I couldn’t have wished for a better match.

“It was important to me to combine the symbolism of two flowers in the design – forget-me-knots and sunflowers. I wanted to create a message about the power of enduring love. That memories can fade but the warmth of the human spirit continues to shine.

“The design is upbeat and uplifting. The flowers transform into butterflies, symbolising renewal and the life cycle. It can be read on many levels but most importantly, I hope it will give hope and comfort.”

Lynne Hollingsworth

We’re delighted that Lynne will be incorporating some short messages and tributes from our younger bereavement counselling clients into her design. You’ll be able to spot these along stems, leaves and petals.

Finally, at the end of the Trail, all the Rams will be put up for auction. We will fundraise to bring our Treetops ram back to the hospice for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.

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