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Selfless swimmer, Gaynor Bentley, has completed 60 ‘wild swims’ and raised over £1300 for us, after we helped care for her late mum.

Gaynor, 60, swam across 60 different wild locations, including Spring Lakes in Nottingham. Her final swim took place on Christmas Day.

I will never forget Treetops support

We provided end of life nursing care for Gaynor’s mum, Ada Clayton.

I will never forget Treetops support at what was probably the biggest challenge of my life – working full-time and caring for my Mum.

"The nurses would look after mum to give me and my dad a night off from caring for her. We could have a good night’s sleep and recharge our batteries. We also had some respite during the day.

We wouldn’t have got through without the Treetops nurses

“We wouldn’t have got through without the Treetops nurses and the challenge of completing 60 open water swims seemed easy in comparison.”

There were a number of challenges along the way, including the impact of the pandemic and swimming in sub-zero water temperatures.

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What kept me going was the support and donations that just kept coming

“It felt at times like everything was against me! I had booked swimming lessons which then couldn’t take place because of Covid restrictions. There were unfriendly tides, currents, algae and petrol shortages whilst we were in Cornwall curtailing travelling for three days. 

“But I made it and what kept me going was the support and donations that just kept coming.”

Gaynor more than doubled her fundraising target and has many fond memories from her swims too:

Woman swimming in open water

“I met some lovely people at the swimming locations and discovered places where I definitely want to go back to for another swim. I have some lovely memories; the Puffins at Flamborough Head, a heron flying over me at Carding Mill, a family of ducklings swimming at the side of me at Knaresborough, seeing a seal at Land’s End and dolphins at Scarborough."

To document her journey and raise awareness for Treetops, Gaynor shared images and videos of her swims captured by her husband, Steve, on @60swimsat60 Instagram account.

“I couldn’t have done all this without Steve’s support,” Gaynor added. “but I have promised him I’m not doing another challenge for quite a while!”

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