Two muddy women smiling

Roxie Mawbrey has been taking a run on the wild side in memory of her much-loved aunt - throwing herself into gruelling 10k trail events to raise funds for us.

Roxie has raised more than £450 by tackling 'Wolf Runs' with her friend, Trice Davis. Participants run, climb, jump, wade, crawl and even swim their way along a muddy multi-terrain course.
Roxie has been dedicating her runs to her late aunt Emma Moore, who she says was “more like a sister”.
“The age difference between me and Emma was not an awful lot, so she was more like a sister growing up. “She just could not do enough for people, and she was so friendly. In our family, we are still so close because we had Emma and we have got each other."
Two women smiling
Emma was first diagnosed with breast cancer when Roxie was 22. Initial surgery removed the cancerous tissue, but the disease came back a few years later. This time it had spread and was too advanced to treat. Emma died in April 2016.
Roxie said that throughout her diagnosis and treatment, Emma always remained cheerful and utterly selfless.
Two women smiling with Treetops t-shirts

My way of giving something back

“Emma received care from Treetops and came for some lovely events to get spoiled, so this was my way of giving something back to the charity.
“Everyone knows what Emma meant to me. It’s just so nice that family and friends would support me doing something that I wanted to do anyway. I am very grateful to them all."