Treetops Hospice Care operates a Society lottery for the general public for the sole purpose of raising funds for Treetops Hospice Care. The Society is committed to ensuring the lottery is operated in a secure, fair and socially responsible way and to endorse responsible gambling amongst its members.

If you feel that you need to exclude yourself from playing the Treetops Lottery for any reason, you can exclude yourself for 6 months by submitting the form below.

Please add ‘GAMBLING SELF-EXCLUSION FORM‘ in the How can we help? box.

Once you have self-excluded this cannot be reversed and your account cannot be reactivated until the time period has elapsed.

Please Note: This is NOT a cancellation request. If you would like to cancel an existing membership please email lottery@treetopshospice.org.uk

Lottery enquiry form

  • If you have an enquiry then please contact us using the form below. Alternatively, call the lottery office on 0115 939 9339 or e-mail: lottery@treetopshospice.org.uk

    If your contact details have changed, please use the update your details form instead. Thank you.

  • Your privacy is very important to us, so we will always keep your details secure.  For information about how we use your data, please see our Privacy Notice.