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Treetops Hospice at Home nurses cared for Bryony’s husband’s grandmother during the final stages of her life last year:

Woman running and smiling“I was lucky enough to run the virtual London Marathon 2020 for Treetops and felt very privileged to be raising money for such an incredible charity. “Treetops Hospice at Home nurses supported my husband’s grandmother through the last weeks and days of her life. "Their compassionate service was invaluable and I remember the positive impact it had on everybody. It made a huge difference to how the family was able to cope at the time.”

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It was amazing how emotional it was running the virtual Marathon

Despite the London Marathon being cancelled, Bryony took part virtually, running 26.2miles around Derbyshire and raising over £1,200 for Treetops. “It was amazing how emotional it was running the virtual Marathon. I expected to feel a bit out of it, but it was the opposite. We saw other people who were running with their numbers on and it was nice to cheer each other on. “It was a reminder of what we weren’t able to do this last year and how lucky we were to just have our health and to be able to get out into the countryside. “We did the 26-mile route around Derbyshire through Chatsworth, Froggart and Eyam and had a fantastic day out. We just enjoyed ourselves, counted ourselves lucky for being fit and able to do it, and engaged lots of passers-by in what we are doing.

Fundraising for Treetops makes a real difference

“I’d encourage anybody who’s thinking of running this year and trying to pick a charity to consider Treetops. “Fundraising for Treetops makes a real difference and that’s why I feel so passionate about it. Woman walking on a country path“You can see the impact that donations have and how far they go to making someone’s life better. It’s incredible. I was lucky enough to pay them a visit and see it for myself, but I’ve also witnessed it with my husband’s grandmother and how they were able to help her. “The work they do is so far-reaching. It may be to just one individual at a time but the repercussions of that are it benefits families, benefits generations, and benefits communities. “We are very, very lucky to have Treetops and I feel privileged to have raised money for them last year and will continue to do so this year. On the rollercoaster ride that this last year has been, Treetops have always been so friendly, so helpful and full of positivity.” "My tips for someone who might be running a marathon, or a long run this year for the first time would be to train! Five years ago, I couldn’t even run a mile, but you start small – walk a minute, run a minute – and build it up. Set yourself mini goals every week and break that down into small achievable chunks and believe you can do it. Before you know it, you’ll be good to go."

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