Non-Talking Therapy for Bereaved Young People

Just like adults, young people who have lost someone important may find themselves struggling with a powerful range of emotions. Sometimes they can find it difficult to express their grief in words. They might find the idea of 1-1 counselling too daunting and would prefer to use other non-talking means.

Our new Non-Talking Therapy programme offers 6 weeks of group therapy for young people (11-17yrs) who have been significantly affected by the traumatic bereavement of a parent, carer or sibling. The bereavement may have occurred at any time in the past.

Designed by Rebecca, age 11yrs

The Therapy is available to young people who are registered with a GP practice in Derby city or the southern Derbyshire area, or have used Treetops Hospice Care services.

The Therapy includes a programme of 6 weekly sessions, held at Treetops Hospice Care on a Tuesday between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Groups will be made up of between 6-12 young people and include:

  • Expressive activities such as animal therapy, drumming therapy, art therapy, yoga therapy and complementary therapy
  • Educational activities on understanding grief and managing feelings better
  • The creation of a personal journal to record the highlights of the programme
  • Support and advice for parents and carers
  • The option to attend additional support days throughout the year

All our services are provided free of charge, and are not means-tested. Therapy programmes will take place as from September 2019.

How to make a referral

Referrals can be made by parents or carers, GPs or other professionals, or self-referrals by young people aged 13yrs+.

For further information, contact the Counselling and Emotional Support Service on 0115 949 6944 – – or complete the form below.

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