Spring Programme words surrounded by leaves

Our one-to-one bespoke programme for anyone facing a life-limiting illness.

One-to-one support

SPRING is a one-to-one bespoke programme for anyone facing a life-limiting illness. We work with each patient individually, once a week over 12 weeks, tailoring the programme to them, so that they get the most out of it.

The programme aims to support each patient to set and work towards personal goals. We work with patients and families to develop a therapeutic relationship to support and guide them, enabling and empowering patients in the face of life-limiting illness.

The 12 weeks are

  • Week 1 - Setting the scene, getting to know you, and an introduction to goal setting​
  • Week 2 - Practical tips for managing your physical symptoms ​
  • Week 3 - Psychological Needs – mental wellbeing, managing anxiety and stress​
  • Week 4 - Social Needs – friends, family and loved ones, including legacy, managing conflict and difference of opinions​
  • Week 5 - Emotional Needs – feelings, coping and resilience​
  • Week 6 - Spiritual Needs – Who am I? Where is my place in the world? Plus spiritual support resources​
  • Week 7 - Practical Support – financial, benefits check, occupational therapy assessment, small aids and care needs​
  • Week 8, 9 and 10 - Personal goals​
  • Week 11 - What’s next for me? Reassessment and evaluation
  • Week 12 - Fun week based on a seasonal theme​

We also have a SPRING support group for patients to access peer support during and after the programme.