Can you help protect her from being alone?

Help us reach out to local people who are lonely

Lockdown was hard for us all. As we return to normal many local patients are still having to shield to stay safe.  This has left patients like Barbara living in isolation and suffering from loneliness.

Give people like Barbara a reason to smile again

She told us that life’s been so hard, especially with the lockdowns. She said:

It was such a shock to me to lose contact with people and have nothing.

My late husband, Ray, and I used to spend most of our free time out of doors. I really do find myself so terribly lonely since I’ve been left with no one.

I’ve received incredible support from the team at Treetops Hospice. They have put me in touch with David, a volunteer befriender. He phones me every week for a chat, and he introduced me to their virtual Wellbeing group. It makes me realise I’m not alone and there are other people in the same situation as me.

We’ve helped Barbara find her smile, but more local people need your help.

        • £10 will help cover the cost of three phone calls. Ours may be the first face people like Barbara have seen in a long time. 
        • £20 will help us run our Wellbeing groups offering support and friendship from people in the same situation.
        • £35 can help pay for a virtual activity for ten patients to help them keep active and well.

Your donation will help protect local patients from loneliness

Your support can give a lonely patient something to look forward to.