You can give hope to a grieving child, today.


You can give hope to a child who is scared and alone by donating today.


Children come to Treetops for counselling after the death of a loved one. This could be a parent, brother, sister or friend.15-year-old Maisie, from Breaston, faced the trauma of losing both her grandparents within a short space of time. 

Children and young people handle their grief differently than adults. Often, they can’t put their emotions into words. They can feel scared and alone at a time when they need someone the most.

The tragedy of losing someone will never leave a young person. Your kind gift will change a child’s life by offering them support, understanding and hope.

As a small token to say ‘thank you’ for your donation, we will send you a card including our seeds of hope. Please plant these and watch them grow, much like we see the children we care for grow every day.


Your Gift

Here are some of the ways your generous gift could change the lives of bereaved children, and give them hope for tomorrow.



Your gift of £10

could pay for a child’s starter pack which includes materials to help a child start to express their feelings.


Your gift of £34.50

could pay for a one to one counselling session, giving a child someone who will be there
and help them understand their grief.


Your gift of £75.50

could pay for a child to attend two group sessions of non-verbal therapy, teaching each child new coping skills so they can learn how to express their feelings in a healthy way.


Your donation will help give hope to a grieving child, today.