Erewash Sound presenters with guests from Treetops Hospice

We're celebrating national Hospice Care Week (10-14 October) by highlighting our care in the local community and dispelling some common myths along the way.

Is a hospice a sad place? Do hospices just care for people with cancer? When is the right time to contact a hospice? These are just some of the questions we answer during the national profile-raising week.

Erewash Sound live broadcasts

Local community radio Erewash Sound helped launch the week, broadcasting their breakfast and daytime shows live from here in Risley.
Two people smiling on the radio
Several staff and volunteers and patients joined Erewash Sound presenters Paul Stacey and Dan Martin. They talked about our hospice care available for local people, and the importance of volunteering and supporting us.
We have also launched our latest podcast featuring our Director of Clinical Services, Phil Shreeve.

Tackling misconceptions about hospice care

Phil explained the importance of addressing misconceptions about the hospice: “Unless you’ve visited Treetops or accessed some of our services, it can be hard to imagine what it’s like here, what we do, and who we help.

Treetops is a very warm and welcoming place. Yes, it’s a place where we have some difficult conversations but we’re here to help people work through those difficult feelings, and feel empowered and enabled. As a result of that, it’s a very positive place.

Support from diagnosis onwards

“At Treetops, we support people living with cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, long term conditions like dementia, neurological conditions like Huntington’s Disease, and people that are living with frailty.
“We are very much here to support people right from that very early stage when they are given the news that that their life might not be as long as they thought it was going to be, and beyond.”
Hospice Care Week image
Treetops is one of more than 200 charitable hospices across the UK taking part in Hospice Care Week, led by the national hospice and end of life care charity, Hospice UK.