hands of 2 people holding grey mugs of drink

When someone close to us dies, it is one of the hardest things we experience in our lives. We go through a very normal and natural process of grieving that can be very difficult. 

Our bereavement peer support group, called Tears to Laughter, offers peer support to adults who are grieving. Tears to Laughter was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic to help support those experiencing loss in difficult circumstances. The initial group members chose the name to reflect their journey.

The group is a safe space to share how you truly feel after a bereavement, without fear of upsetting family members or friends.

There are times when seeing other people out and about enjoying the company of their 'special person' makes you feel lonely, jealous and very sad, but you can share these feelings with group members. No one judges you for getting upset and crying.

As the group name suggests there is also 'laughter' in the group, it is not all sadness and tears. I have found so much support from the group since my loss.” – Donna, previous group member.

How it works

Your first contact with us will usually be in our support and information café. We will complete an assessment for us to understand how your bereavement is affecting you and how we can best support you.

This group does not offer counselling. If additional emotional support is needed, we will signpost you to our therapeutics department, where you can access further help.

This is a peer support group where you will meet other people who have experienced bereavement. Our staff and volunteers will also help to support you.   

Please contact us for further information