What is counselling like for children and young people? How do you know if you need counselling? What difference does counselling make?

Harvey was just 10 years old when his older brother Ed died.
In a series of videos, Harvey explains how he knew he needed counselling, what the sessions involved, and the difference the counselling made to his life.

How Treetops Hospice counselling helped Harvey after the death of his brother

How I realised I needed bereavement support

What happens at a bereavement counselling session

The activities I did during bereavement counselling and how they helped

How my bereavement counsellor helped me open up

How bereavement counselling helped me in everyday life

How talking to a Treetops counsellor was different to talking to family or friends

How I knew the bereavement counselling was helping

The biggest changes I noticed in myself after bereavement counselling

What would have happened if I'd not had bereavement counselling at Treetops

Telling people about my bereavement counselling at Treetops Hospice

What I would say to other young people who are unsure about counselling