Treetops Lottery – Chances of Winning

The likelihood of winning any of the 12 guaranteed cash prizes depends on how many entries are in the draw for that week. This number can vary from week to week.

Here’s an average based on the entry figures for the 2023-2024 financial year.

There was an average of 13,450 entries in the draw each week. With this amount of entries, your number would have a 1 in 1121 chance of winning any of the 12 cash prizes.

The 2nd prize is a rollover which increases by £200 every week it is not won. There are 20 unallocated numbers for every 1 paid for entry that is in the draw. The odds of winning the Treetops Lottery rollover prize are 1 in 22,420.


How we use the income generated by our Lottery

In the last financial year (2023-24), Treetops Lottery received £711,109 in income with 64% donated to Treetops Hospice Trust; 10% went into the prize fund, and 26% in administrative costs and new member recruitment.