Congratulations to all our Treetops Lottery winners!


Friday 29 January

John from Long Eaton - £1,000

John from Long Eaton won £1,000 at the end of January, he sent us this message to tell us why he supports the lottery:

"I was recently lucky enough to win the £1000 draw in the weekly lottery.

It came as a complete surprise as I generally don't win anything and only enter to support the cause. I'm going to pass my good fortune on to my wife and two daughters to give them all a well deserved treat. I've been a lottery member for quite a few years and never won anything before.

I support Treetops because it's a cause I feel needs all the support it can get and serves a great need from the people they support. On a personal note I'm looking forward to when we can get back to supporting through fundraising with events that are not able to take place due to present situation.

Thanks to all at Treetops for the care they provide every day."

Congratulations John and thank you for choosing to support Treetops!

Celebrating All Our Winners While Remotely Keeping in Touch!

05 February 2021 – Christine from Borrowash – £1000

Our recent £1,000 winner Christine from Borrowash has sent us this lovely message about her win:

“I was speechless and stunned but so delighted to receive the telephone call from Treetops with the news that I had won first prize of £1000 in the draw. I was actually expecting a call from the dentist!

It has been such a difficult time and so hard not being able to see and socialise with family and friends. My husband has a special birthday later this year and shall put this money towards a celebration meal and a nice holiday.

I decided to support Treetops Hospice Care many years ago as it is such a wonderful local charity and I know of several families who have received such special care from them. I have been involved with some fundraising by organising a group holiday and donating the commission to this great charity. This gave me and everyone in the group great satisfaction. We had a wonderful holiday but we also helped others at the same time.

Thank you Treetops for making my day.”

Congratulations again Christine and thank you for your continued support!

11 December 2020 – Sue from Ilkeston – £1000

Sue from Ilkeston got a surprise when we called her to tell her she had won 1st prize in the lottery draw. She sent us this lovely message:

“I just want to say after the awful year we have had with the COVID pandemic, not getting to see our families, what a lovely surprise the news was that we had won first prize in the draw!

We are going to put some of the money away into our 2 year old granddaughters bank account, then put the rest away for a big holiday we have planned for my husbands 60th birthday. Treetops is such a fantastic charity. We have always been glad to support them through the lottery and donating to the shops. Thank you for making our Christmas extra special.”

Congratulations for your continued support Sue!

04 December 2020 – Sue from Long Eaton – £1000

Sue was on her way out for a festive afternoon when she received the winner’s phone call. She told us “I was really surprised and happy to find that I’d won the first prize, we were driving in the snow to Belton House at Grantham to see the Christmas lighting display, so it really made our day.

“My late partner Brian was helped by Treetops, they provided the comfort and support he needed to enable him to get the most out of his final days. They also helped me come to terms with the grief of Brian’s passing. It is impossible to explain how much the support meant during this time, it made Brian’s life easier, and made his loss bearable.

Apart from the lottery, we also have a collection tin at home, at the end of each day we donate our loose change to the charity, and when I remarried we had donations for the charity instead of presents.

Please accept our sincere thanks for all the hard work and support that you provide for those in need of your services”.

Congratulations Sue and thank you for supporting Treetops!

27 November 2020 – Carole from Derby – £1000

Carole from Derby was very pleased when we called her to tell her the news she had won £1000!

“It really was a wonderful surprise to receive your call informing me of my win, good news has been in short supply during 2020 for everyone. I started playing the Treetops lottery following a discussion with your representative at the Co-op petrol station, like most people, you decide to support a wonderful team of people doing great work but never expect to win. Our holiday was cancelled this year but we`ve re-booked and the win will cover the holiday with a little left over. Thank you very much.”

Congratulations again Carole!

20 November 2020 – Chris from Spondon – £1000

Our 1st prize winner from Spondon was thrilled with their recent lottery win.

Chris told us: “We are so surprised, excited and incredibly grateful to have won first prize this month! This has been a challenging year for everyone and it’s lovely to get such positive news especially with Christmas around the corner. We’ve been playing Treetops Lottery for a good few years now. When one of your team came to our door and explained everything that Treetops do, we signed up straight away! We have always been very happy to support the great work that Treetops Hospice have done and continue to do. We’re hoping to put some of the money aside for Christmas for the children, and the remainder will help towards our savings for a new house!”

Congratulations Chris!

02 October 2020 – £1000 & £100 winners

Winner from Borrowash – £1,000

Our 1st prize winner from Borrowash said it was a nice surprise to win on this week’s lottery, “It is a good job you all do for the people who need your help, keep up the good work and take care all of you.”

Clare from Long Eaton – £100

Clare Smith was one of our 3rd prize winners, she told us “The reason why I support Treetops is because of the amazing work you do and the support you gave to us as a family when my Gran was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Even though it was only a few weeks support, it was amazing.”
Congratulations Clare!

25 September 2020 – Caroline from Oakwood – £100

Our 3rd prize winner on Friday 25 September told us how It was a lovely surprise hearing from us to tell her that she had won £100 in that week’s draw!

“Treetops is my favourite local charity and I play the lottery to support the fantastic work they do at the hospice. As this is my first ever win and I have been stuck at home for a long time, I will treat myself to something nice. Who knows, I may wander down to the Treetops shop to spend my winnings.”

11 September 2020 – Martin from Barrow-on-Trent – £8600

Our rollover was won on Friday 11 September at a staggering amount of £8,600.

We had a lovely chat over the phone with our winner, Martin who said he’s normally the one paying out, not receiving it back. Martin plays Treetops Lottery to support the cause rather than expecting a win and wanted to share his story as he said “you don’t normally get to know about the winners”.

As a supporter for many charities, Martin signed up through one of our canvassers two years ago and found the canvasser to be a “great ambassador for Treetops”, explaining the whole process with a passion for the hospice. Martin is a big believer in supporting anything that helps, particularly end of life care as he lost his wife to cancer 19 years ago.

When asked how he was going to spend the money. Martin told us he will be using it to help his partner who has been out of work since COVID struck, it will help to make their lives more comfortable in the current crisis.

04 September 2020 – John from Ilkeston – £1000

“We started supporting Treetops in 2008 when we heard about their story and wonderful work in respite care from a doorstep salesperson. Within a month or two we had a couple of small wins which was encouraging. Winning the £1000 jackpot was never really on our minds, so to be told last week that we had won was definitely a bit mind-blowing. Thank you Treetops for ‘pulling us out of the hat’ and long may your good work continue”. – John from Ilkeston

17 July 2020 – Linda from Sandiacre – £100

“What a lovely surprise to receive your phone call informing me that I had won £100 in the Treetops Lottery. I am not normally lucky regarding such things (can never win an argument let alone some money!!). I have always looked upon my monthly contribution as a donation to a wonderful charity rather than an opportunity to win some money. Winning is very much appreciated so I intend to pass some back to Treetops as a donation and treat 2 close friends to an evening out to the theatre when things pick up. Thank you so so much!” – Linda from Sandiacre

03 July 2020 – Marie from Sandiacre – £1000

“Thank you so much for the welcome news in a time we only seem to hear bad news. I have been playing the Treetops Lottery for over 20 years.” – Marie from Sandiacre

12 June 2020 – Judith from Belper – £100

“I am relatively new to Derbyshire, but I have heard from so many people that Treetops is the most worthy charity and that the care and compassion shown to patients and relatives is second to none. I feel privileged to be able to contribute, albeit in a very small way. The prize money will be a huge contribution to a small family get together when we are able to.” – Judith from Belper

24 April 2020 – Paul from Burton-on-Trent – £1000

“I have always been happy to support Treetops Hospice Care and the wonderful support and care given to those in need. Finding out that I had won the weekly prize was amazing! I can now afford to build the treehouse I have been promising the children for the last year.” – Paul from Burton-on-Trent

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