Treetops Hospice nurse in uniform smiling and giving a thumbs up

Our adventurous hospice nurse Kate is planning a parachute jump to celebrate her 50th birthday and to raise money for Treetops.

Kate Kells, from Ilkeston, is planning her tandem jump from 14,000 feet in October. She is hoping to raise £1,000 for us to help support adults with life-limiting conditions and those who’ve been bereaved.

The next perfect adventure

Kate’s adventurous streak only appeared when she turned 50 earlier this year. She completed the longest zipwire in Snowdonia which she described as ‘fantastic’.
“Some people might think it's a midlife crisis, but I've always fancied doing a tandem parachute jump. It’s the next perfect adventure! I know for me the hardest part will be jumping out of the plane. But if I am attached to the experienced parachutist, I go when they go!”
Kate joined Treetops Hospice as a Wellbeing at Home nurse 15 months ago, a role she sees as a ‘great privilege’. Kate is part of a team who support over 30 local patients with a terminal diagnosis each week.

Helping patients at home

Many of our patients are simply too poorly to travel or go out much, so they can feel isolated. We want to help them live a quality life for as long as they can, so we take our care direct to them at home.
“As well as a good natter, we might listen to music or look at photos to reminisce. We also play games such as cards or dominoes, and can offer hand massages.”
Kate also supports patients in recording their life stories and making memory boxes, as well as planning for their future care.
Smiling nurse wearing Treetops Hospice uniform giving thumbs up

Positive impact on patients and carers

“We help patients talk about the death that they want to have and how they can plan for that. I think Treetops has an enormous positive impact on patients and their carers at what can be a very difficult time. Hopefully, our work results in a wealth of positive memories being made. And leaves a lasting legacy for their loved ones to cherish.”
Visits by Wellbeing at Home nurses mean family members and carers of patients can also have some valuable respite time.
“Treetops is a charity and I want to help ensure that we are able to continue offering our services for people in the future.”