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Resources and information to help you start conversations about death, dying, and bereavement with your loved ones.

What is Dying Matters Week?

During national Dying Matters Week, 6-12 May, we encourage people to have open conversations about death, dying, and bereavement. 

We plan for every other significant occasion of our lives such as births and weddings, but we often shy away from talking about our death.

We've pulled together a range of resources and information to help you start your own conversations. These consider the physical, emotional, spiritual, practical, and digital aspects of planning and discussing your future. 

How do we encourage open conversations about dying?

Phil Shreeve, our Director of Clinical Services, explains how we encourage open and honest conversations about dying.

Books to read when someone is dying

Some suggestions of adult and children’s books to read when someone is dying, and books to help deal with grief. 

The last great taboo

In a special Dying Matters Awareness video, local Derby people share their thoughts on why it's important to talk about death and dying.

What does dying look like?

"Dying is not as bad as you think"

Dr Kathryn Mannix shares her experience and explains the importance of talking about death and dying in a short video. 

Dying for Beginners

"Dying, just like being born, is a process our bodies go through quite naturally"

In this short animation, Dr Kathryn Mannix offers a gentle, step-by-step journey through the process of dying

Supporting children following the death of a loved one

Jules Kirk, our Therapeutic Services Manager, answers some common questions about how to support children after the death of a loved one.

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Planning ahead

What matters most at the end of our life is a very personal thing. It might include being with loved ones, avoiding discomfort, or being able to enjoy the things that make your life feel worthwhile.

Hospice UK's 'Planning Ahead' guide can help you make some important end-of-life decisions.

Your digital legacy

Ever considered what will happen to your social media profiles or online accounts when you die? Plan your digital legacy with advice and tips from the Digital legacy Association

What happens when someone is dying?

The dying process is unique to everyone, but there are a few things that happen to almost all of us in the last days of life, that are just a normal part of dying. Hospice UK shares information on what signs you might see when someone is dying.

Planning your funeral

Planning your funeral can make things easier for your loved ones and make sure your final wishes are met. From coffins to hearses, cremations to burials, the Good Funeral Guide offers a wide range of practical information and advice.