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Donna Barnes shares her personal experiences of coming to our Tears to Laughter peer support group for people who've been bereaved.

"I have found so much support from the Tears to Laughter group since my loss. The pain is the same whether you've spent 60 years with your special person or just 10 years.

A safe space to share how you feel after a bereavement

The group is a safe space to share how you truly feel after a bereavement without fear of upsetting family members or friends.
There are times when seeing other people out and about enjoying the company of their 'special person' makes you feel lonely, jealous and very sad. But you can share these feelings with the other group members.

No one judges you

No one judges you for getting upset and crying. Everyone has been in the same position and supports you.
Even when there is no group,  members are still available to offer you support via WhatsApp and often someone will offer to meet up with you for a chat.
As the group name suggests there is also 'laughter' in the group, it is not all sadness and tears. Sharing funny incidents and happy times with our loved ones are also important."

Peer Support and Understanding

Tears to Laughter is where you can meet other people who understand what you are experiencing.  A member of our team is on hand for support as needed.

Share your story

We would love to hear your own experiences of our care and support.
By sharing your story, you can help raise awareness of our services as well as encourage supporters.