Young asian man sitting on sofa with head in hands looking sad and upset

Arun shares his experience of bereavement counselling and the difference it made to his life.

"My father passed away from liver cancer and it was a truly sad time. We were told earlier that year he only had several months to live, and I thought he would live much longer.
"I saw my father’s body when I came home. My family were there and my mum held my hand and said ‘your father’s passed away’.

I was very angry and knew I needed help

"I felt I had not processed what had happened, as I had to be the strong one for my mum and little brother.
"One day, a family member truly upset me with remarks about me and my life. I was very angry and broke down and cried. I’d cried before and during my father passing away, but this time I knew I needed help.
"The bereavement counselling at Treetops was brilliant.  It was just what I needed at the time.

I slowly put the pieces back together

"My counsellor was very supportive, listening to me and helping me understand myself through this journey. Our sessions helped me to slowly put the pieces back together.
"The counselling helped me to look at my life and what I really want. That is to be happy within myself, travel, meet someone who makes me laugh and happy, and to have a creative career. I am a creative person and now I have dreams of acting, photography, and living my life.
"It’s important to understand why you’re seeking help and be honest with the process.
"Everyone handles things differently, and I was very blessed to have had the help from Treetops. I understand myself a lot better.

I have the tools to cope

"My counsellor helped me realise I have the tools to cope with the loss of my father and I think I am very lucky to have spent time with him which I truly cherish.
"This year, I feel my creativity has returned and I am making positive steps in achieving the life I have always dreamed of.
"I want to thank my counsellor and Treetops for their help."

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