Smiling couple holding a giant Treetops Lottery cheque for the rollover prize of £8,200

“The best Friday phone call ever” is how Ioni Finlay describes her call from Treetops Lottery, telling her she’d won the rollover jackpot of £8,200.

Ioni has been playing the weekly Treetops Lottery for several years. Proceeds from the lottery provide a vital source of income for the hospice based in Risley, Derbyshire.

Supporting local charities like Treetops

Ioni explained why she was passionate about supporting Treetops:

I think it's really important to support local charities like Treetops Hospice, where you can see that the money you're giving is going to help someone in your own local community. It's a small amount to play each week, that makes a big difference to the hospice. And if I can win, anyone can win!

The Treetops Lottery has raised over £8million for Treetops since it began over 25 years ago. Ioni is one of over 10,000 lottery members who play weekly to win a range of cash prizes.

A significant amount to win

“It's really quite surreal still,” continued Ioni. “I'm not sure what we’ll do with the winnings. We'll possibly go on holiday, and perhaps put some money towards a new car. It's such a good amount that you can really do something significant with.”

Rebecca Lee-Jones, Treetops Senior Relationships Manager – Individual Giving, said:

“Making phone calls to our Treetops Lottery winners is the best part of our week and we were thrilled to present Ioni with her cheque for £8,200.

An easy way to support the hospice

Playing the Treetops Lottery is a really easy way to support the hospice with proceeds helping fund our care. For example, a year’s lottery membership can help fund a counselling session for a bereaved child or adult.

Guaranteed cash prizes every week

“There are 12 guaranteed cash prizes available every week. A first prize of £1,000, one prize of £100, and ten prizes of £5.

"There is also a rollover prize of £200 which can roll over each week – this is how Ioni won the jackpot prize which had reached £8,200!”

Smiling couple holding a giant Treetops Lottery cheque for the rollover prize of £8,200